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K&A's goal is to provide cost effective software & technology solutions that improve the efficiency & profitability of your construction and service business.

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Business Intelligence & DashBoards:

Samples of Xcelsius Dashboards  

This interactive, visual model allows executives to forecast their annual sales and marketing expense for various World regions by modifying the projected sales growth for each region. Executives can further analyze regional results by comparing their 5 year annual sales trends to their top two competitors, and by viewing relative market presence
for all regions.



This dashboard allows you to perform competitive analysis across three key areas: cost structure, market share and growth trends. View head-to-head comparisons of each line item in your income statement. Visualize your slice of the market versus your main competitors. And perform ad hoc analysis to see growth trends for you, your competitors, and the industry.


This profitability model allows you to create "what-if" scenarios by modifying sales growth rate and all other relevant accounts measured as a percentage of total sales. This example, built with fictitious data, depicts the most relevant accounts of a profit and loss statement, and shows the impact of changes on net income. The results change immediately, allowing you to create endless what-if scenarios.


This interactive data visualization allows executives to analyze income statement accounts by comparing various regions along with their monthly and year to date trends. It compares the contribution of each region for each account, and flows to specific monthly and year-to-date details for the selected region.


This "what-if" analysis models Return on Equity for a financial institution. It demonstrates how executives can visually evaluate different scenarios by adjusting key variables. With each variation, the what-if model calculates and displays the projected result on all other accounts, and at the same time compares each account with its target.




This interactive visual model summarizes the daily status of a hospitality company's key performance indicators (KPIs) across 14 locations. It gives the executive an interactive view of the daily and monthly metrics that drive business.




This interactive visual business model highlights a new way of presenting typical income statements. The viewer selects a desired region from a map, and can see its P&L and net income trend over the last six quarters vs. target. Each region is represented by a color determined by its performance versus budget. For all other accounts, the data is displayed by months and by year-to-date.


OUR GOAL : K&A's goal is to provide cost effective software & technology solutions that improve the efficiency & profitability of your construction and service business. Our years of experience and consultative philosophy has provided us with the knowledge and reputation needed to help companies like yours get to the next level.