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K&A's goal is to provide cost effective software & technology solutions that improve the efficiency & profitability of your construction and service business.

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Corpay Payments Automation & Virtual Card: The Corpay^ Payments Automation solution and Virtual Payment MasterCard are compatible with many construction ERP systems, including: • AccuBuild • Dexter & Chaney • ProfitTool • Street Smarts • Sage 300 CRE • Sage Intacct



Corpay combines innovative software with seamless payment execution, giving you the power to control spend. As the #1 B2B commercial Mastercard® issuer in North America, Corpay helps businesses mitigate clients’ risk of payment fraud by enrolling suppliers, independently collecting their payment remittance information, and safeguarding in-network payments.


Corpay Payments Automation:

Electronic workflow for all your payment types


Corpay Payments Automation enables comprehensive automation for all payments, including Virtual Card benefits, for businesses of all sizes.


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Corpay Payments Automation simplifies your payments process by combining all check, ACH, and card transactions into one file. Our customized, ERP-agnostic solution maximizes your working capital, provides unlimited rebates, and saves you time and money by consolidating all your vendor payments into a single workflow.


1). Submit a payment file – Upload a payment file or connect via your ERP

2). Corpay pays vendors – Corpay sends payments via check, ACH, or virtual card on your behalf

3). Easy reconciliation – Portal reflects the remittances sent on company’s behalf


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Why use Payments Automation?


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Corpay Virtual Card:

Reduce the cost of manual check processing and turn your accounts payable into a revenue generator!


Corpay Virtual Card keeps you in control of your payment process. Our single-use virtual MasterCard® enables you to send secure payments to your suppliers. Gain visibility, reduce risk, and earn a rebate on your payments with Corpay Virtual Card.


How it works

Corpay Virtual Cards are ideal for mid- to large-size companies focused on achieving business process efficiency, cost savings, and incremental margin improvement. The process begins by submitting a payables disbursement file to Corpay. Virtual Card numbers are generated electronically for each vendor payment and delivered to suppliers / vendors via an associated e-mail remittance advice. The payment can be processed as any other MasterCard account number, and the supplier receives settlement within 24-48 hours. Corpay then returns the transaction files and tracks the payments, reconciles transactions, manages data, and accesses detailed remittances all via a user-friendly portal, saving you time and reducing errors.




1). Your company submits a payment file

2). Corpay creates a card number

3). Your vendor processes the payment

4). Corpay returns the transaction files

5). Your company reconciles payment


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Why use Corpay Virtual Card?


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OUR GOAL : K&A's goal is to provide cost effective software & technology solutions that improve the efficiency & profitability of your construction and service business. Our years of experience and consultative philosophy has provided us with the knowledge and reputation needed to help companies like yours get to the next level.